2021 WRAP


The Janesville Art League and L'Atelier Studio will host the Janesville WRAP workshop on Saturday, April 10, 2021. We wish to invite you to our virtual event. We have shortened the session to a morning of fellowship, sharing and learning. It will start at 8:45 for those of you who would like to say, "Good morning!' The Workshop itself will start at 9:00 AM. and end at 11:30 AM. 

Our judge hails from Janesville, WI and he teaches in the school district. His name is Marko Pechnik.

We are pleased to announce that Mary Ann Inman is assisting us as our co-coordinator partner. I have included important registration information at the end of this email from Becky Herb sent to me as a co-coordinator.

If you have questions please contact Mary Ann or me. 

We hope to see you this spring.

Arra and Mary Ann, Janesville Art League

Claudia Fitzgerald, L'Atelier Studio

Co-coordinators' contact information:

Marty Ann Inman: (608)295-9779 or inman_ma@yahoo.com

Arra Lasse: (608)751-8308 or arralasse@gmail.com      


WRAP REGISTRATION INFORMATION For Participants: Artist on-line registration is from the AWA website, wiscartists.org.

Each WRAP is listed as a separate event, and the three upcoming WRAPs with earliest workshop dates are listed on the homepage under Upcoming Events. The complete listing can be most easily reached by clicking on the link More events. This takes you to the WRAP Exhibits and Workshops page which has the listings of all scheduled WRAPs as well as information on how to enter a WRAP. Click on the WRAP you want to enter. The first page has the WRAP description with the basic information that is printed in the TT calendar and Contour Notes. Click on the Register button to start entering information into the form. After you have finished the form you will need to pay the $30 entry fee with a credit card to complete your registration. You will receive an email confirmation letter which includes details from your registration form. If you do not want to register and pay online, you can still use a paper registration form and check as in the past.


Please make a note. Our event has been shortened to a morning session. 9 to 11:30AM

Our entry due date is Friday, March 12, 2021 and up to two pieces are accepted