Kelly Hausknecht

Kelly Hausknecht is a popular continuing education painting instructor (and UW-Whitewater alum!) and she was back this fall for a painting experimentation class. "Learn a variety of painting techniques with Kelly on November 23, and learn a little more about her below."

Why I love art? I always have! I come from a family of artists. My father Frank Hausknecht, an artist/photographer/lithographer, had a darkroom. My gramma Evelyn Engel had a ceramics kiln. My gramma and I shared the joy of making a variety of art projects together. I'll never forget the first time she brought me to an aisle of colored crystal beads and sequins in the craft department of a store. I was thrilled. It was like going to heaven!

I love art because it feels good to create, to free my spirit, and allow emotions to flow. Like dancing or swimming to music, art is just irresistible to me. I love teaching art because I can help others to free their spirit, feel good about themselves and feel good about life and living while creating beautiful art that we can share with others. Self-expression is a celebration of individuality, life and living, and freedom.

Through my art class, people will be able to experiment with a variety of painting supplies. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with your playful artistic side, while side-by-side with other artists. Together we create art as individuals. Everyone paints whatever subject they like and in any style. I share art related information, answer questions, and give various painting demonstrations. After class, participants will have a better idea of how to proceed as successful talented artists.

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