Please Respond to Deb Hall, 608-322-1182, doriken2@gmail.com

Good Afternoon everyone...

We are looking for a new JAL Treasurer for the 2023-2024 season and hopefully for at least the next 3 years. The Treasurer is a JAL Board Member.

You do not need to be an accountant for this position. If you're good at math, balancing your checkbook, and have had a business you manage the books for you can do this job. It really would not take up that much of your time.

It is all processed in Excel but if you know a different process, say Quickbooks, that would work also.

JAL cannot run without a Treasurer so I am asking you all to really sit and think about this position. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Attached is a list of the Treasurer's Duties. It might look overwhelming but it really isn't.

Thank you all and I hope someone will really consider this position and contact me.

Deb Hall

JAL - Treasurer



1. Make Deposits – Art Sales, WRAP Entry Fees and Holiday Art Show Fees, etc.

2. Pay monthly Invoices, Reimbursements to Members with Receipts for Misc. Items pertaining to luncheons, art shows, etc.

3. Maintain a monthly Financial Spreadsheet in Excel

4. Balance Monthly Bank Statement with JAL Monthly Financial Report

5. Print Monthly Financial Spreadsheet for Board Meetings

6. Attend Monthly Board Meetings (8 a year – non in Dec., Jan, June or July)

7. Attend Monthly Member Meetings 

8. Pay Judges when needed for Art Shows, Program Presenters for WRAP, Member Meetings

9. Checking the Mailbox in Janesville

10. Sending Checks Out to JAL Scholarship Winners

11. Send checks out to members who sold art via CC or checks made out to JAL.


Process and send in Raffle Licenses End of March

Process On-Line IRS Form 990-N in June (e-:Postcard)

Send Check for yearly storage rental to Crosby Self-Storage end of June (no invoice or statement will be received, see previous year form).

Process On-Line Annual Report in August

Send check to Day One Website in September.  They will email an invoice to JAL Email

Community Grant Request Letter – Send Dec. 1st

3 different insurance policies paid separately.  Fidelity Bond (May), Inland Marine (Sept.) and Businessowners Policy (Sept.)




2023 Art on the Island

Information and artist application 

 Our annual Art on the Island will be on June 4th, 2023. We are busy getting all the plans in place but we can tell you there will be:
Three bands
Multiple food trucks
Artists at work area
Activity art area for ALL ages
and of course awesome fine art and fine crafts for sale!

We are currently accepting applications for artists both individual artists OR as an art group.

If your organization would like to have a group booth(s) you can do so! A great way to promote your organization. Art organizations going in as a group do not need to pay the $15 jury fee!

Media: Work is accepted in all fine art & fine craft media categories. All work must be the artist’s own and original in concept, design and execution. Work that has been made with the use of commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, stencils or prefabricated forms will not be accepted. No retail or commercial food items are allowed. No food vendors other than selected event sellers.

One more option we are offering is our new Artists at Work area. Any artist wishing to work on art may do so anytime from 10-4. No sales will be allowed in this tent however artists are welcome to have a few of their works on display near them. All we ask is that you or the artist let us know they will be there.

I've enclosed the application to share with your members or fill out for your group booth.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you,

Sue Hoehnen
Registration Chair
Fond du Lac Artists' Association

2023 Art on the Island Information & Artist
June 4th, 2023, 10 am to 4 pm (rain or shine)
Always the First Sunday in June
The mission of the Fond du Lac Artists’ Association is to encourage the creative growth of area artists and youth, and to promote community awareness of local talent in the field of the visual arts.
The Fond du Lac Artists’ Association invites you to participate in the annual Art on the Island, Sunday, June 4th, 2023. The event will be held at Lakeside Park (650 N. Main Street) located on the shores of Lake Winnebago. Many artists will exhibit a variety of fine arts and original in concept & design crafts including painting, ceramics and jewelry.
Event Information:
What: Art on the Island
Who: Artists and fine crafters with work that is original in both concept and design
When: June 4th 2023, 10 am - 4 pm rain or shine
Where: Oven Island, Lakeside Park, 650 N Main Street, Fond du Lac, WI
Publicity: Art on the Island will be advertised in local publications, the state art guides, and through social media.
The Rules of Entry:
Eligibility: Participation is open to all artists 18 years of age and older.
Media: Work is accepted in all fine art & fine craft media categories. All work must be the artist’s own and original in concept, design and execution. Work that has been made with the use of commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, stencils or prefabricated forms will not be accepted. No retail or commercial food items are allowed. No food vendors other than selected event sellers.
Balance of Media: The Artists’ Association will limit the number of booths per media type to ensure a well rounded show.
Compliance: On the day of the show, any items not consistent with the work shown in the submitted and approved images must be removed from your booth. Any work deemed unacceptable must be removed from public view, and artists may be asked to leave without a refund. This includes but is not limited to, any suspicious or questionable reproductions/buy and sell activity.
Reproductions: Only original artwork and signed and numbered prints may be exhibited and/or sold.
Attendance: The accepted artist should be present the day of the show to manage his/her own booth (an ID will be required at time of registration). Any artist unable to attend must select a qualified person to supervise the booth and must let the AOI committee know prior to the day of show.
Booth Space:
Fond du Lac Artists’ Association Art on the Island will provide approximately 10’x10’ space on grass and under shelter space (which has a concrete floor). Shelter space is limited. Artists must supply their own display materials as well as chairs, easels, and protective covering in case of rain. Canopies must be weighted appropriately to ensure they are secure at all times, stakes are not allowed. Artists may request and pay for more than one space if needed. All artists will need to unload then park their vehicles.
 Fire Extinguishers:
The city of Fond du Lac requires vendor supplied fire extinguishers of a 2-A-10-BC in every tent. Enforcement of this rule will be by the Fond du Lac Fire Department on the day of the event.
All artists with work on exhibit will be eligible for a ribbon award with a discount for the following year’s booth fees. Awards will be given where excellence is determined based upon the entire exhibit presentation, including interaction with customers.
Jury Process:
It is the goal of Fond du Lac Artists’ Association’s Art on the Island to bring quality art to the public. Work will be juried by a panel of art professionals. Selection will be made on the basis of craftsmanship, originality, uniqueness and creativity. If application is declined your booth check will be returned.
Complimentary coffee and pastries are provided to the exhibiting artists on Sunday morning. Food and drinks are available to purchase. Lunch runners will be provided for vendors who are not able to leave their booths.
Additional Information:
1. Registration and set-up will take place on the day of the event from 7 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. The fair will be
held on Oven Island at Lakeside Park. Early tear down is not permitted.
2. Social distancing will be practiced and other safety procedures will be observed as appropriate.
3. No commission will be taken by the Fond du Lac Artists’ Association. All artists are responsible for
obtaining a Wisconsin seller’s permit and collecting the .055% Wisconsin sales tax on items sold.
4. All artists will need to unload then park their vehicles. Local ordinances do not allow vehicles to be
parked near tents at the park. If you have a trailer to park, please answer that section on the application. We will do our best to reserve some trailer parking in the lot on Oven Island. Parking will also be available on the street nearby and in the lot by the baseball diamond to the south.
5. IMPORTANT: Once accepted, artists will receive a confirmation email with a link to input your Temporary Seller information required. A registration email along with a Silent Auction Form will be sent out within 10 days of the event. Please bring the registration form/email and the Silent Auction Form to registration the day of the event.
6. FEES: $15.00 Jury fee per application. $85.00 per grass space, $95.00 per space in the shelter. Jury fees are non-refundable, booth fee is non-refundable once application has been approved. Make separate checks for jury fee and booth fee payable to Fond du Lac Artists’ Association.
7. IMPORTANT DATES: Entry deadline April 1st, 2023. Acceptance notifications will be sent out no later than the week of May 1st.
  2023 Art on the Island June 4th, 2023 Application deadline: April 1st, 2023
Name: ________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Business Name: ________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zipcode: ________________________________________________________________-_______________________ Website: __________________________________________ Facebook Page: _________________________________
Media Category: Ensure your work is accurately listed for jurying and publication. Check each applicable category and send 4-5 images for each category checked. Please describe your work in the space provided.
2 Dimensional Art Photography Fiber (wearable items/weaving/quilting)
3 Dimensional Art Jewelry Garden Art
Description of work: ____________________________________________________________________________
IF YOU ARE USING A TRAILER, please note vehicle information below:
Car Truck Van Trailer - approximate length ______________________ Silent Auction: Please consider donating a piece of art for the silent auction. Funds raised are used for the
Association’s Scholarship Program and Youth Art Programs. Yes! I will donate a piece to the auction.
Please Check One:
I give permission for my images to be used in digital and printed format. Pictures may be used on Facebook and in other publications to promote the artists attending Art on the Island.
I DO NOT give permission for my images to be used in digital and printed format.
□ 4-5 labeled photos per media type and one photo of your booth set up (we prefer these to be sent via email). 1 □ Email address
□ NON-REFUNDABLE Jury Fee Check $15
□ Separate Booth Fee Check- Booth Space:
* Only 10 shelter booths available
Mail or email* this form to:
Fond du Lac Artists’ Association c/o Art on the Island Committee P.O. Box 663
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0663 fdlartistsaoi@gmail.com
Please make checks payable to: Fond du Lac Artists’ Association
□ Single
□ Double □ Grass $85 per booth □ *Shelter $95 per booth*
I have read and understand the rules and procedures outlined in this application and agree to observe them. I agree to assume full responsibility for my entries. I hold the Fond du Lac Artists’ Association Inc. and their officers, directors, and agents harmless against any and all injury, accidental loss, or damage of any kind
Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________________
  1 Signed emailed applications & photos will not be processed until checks for both jury and booth fees are received.




See details for contest at the following link https://www.petsgohome.org/events/design/